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Trask Pet Services and Products LLC

Pet & Livestock Care in New Mexico

Meet Our Team!

*Please Note*

We are in the process of expanding and adding more caregivers who are not listed yet!


Laura Trask

Owner and Pet Sitter

Laura (pictured with her GSD/Mal Ranger) was born into a animal-loving family and grew up caring for a large variety of pets from hamsters to horses.  

Through pursuing a technical writing career, her love of animals never waned and she often cared for pets of friends and co-workers.  

When her girls (Annie and Caroline) were young, as a family, they dove into rescue and foster care for shepherds, special needs dogs, cats and horses. Laura took on regular pet sitting to off-set the costs associated with rescue and foster care. Annie and Caroline were usually in-tow or took the neighborhood jobs to earn money and gain experience.  

Laura had a large clientele base in Los Alamos, NM until moving to the outskirts of Santa Fe (more conducive to horse and hobby farm life) in July 2015, at that point Annie took those clients and provides services while residing in Los Alamos.

Laura currently resides in Pecos and frequently rides horses in the wilderness. She has been fortunate to be able to move her career towards a small business owner and high quality service provider.

Laura specializes in complicated situations and animals with special needs, elderly pets, exotics, livestock, and professional barns / boarding / training facilities. Laura is also in charge of high profile clients and high value homes.

Laura is available for a limited number of clients.  

Annie Romero

IC Pet Sitter

Annie (pictured in her senior picture with rescued basset hound Kalani) comes from a long line of animal aficionados! In fact, one of her first words happened to be "wuh-wuh" in imitation of a dog barking!

Annie has always been a very responsible and kind-hearted individual who was very protective of her animals. She participated in Girl Scouts for over 10 years and often had the whole group participating in events that supported the local animal shelter. She has worked as a Counselor, Art Director and Horse Wrangler as well as Assistant Director at Girl Scout Camp each Summer.

As she got older, Annie often cared for her elderly family members, as they did for her when she was young, and is recognized for having a very caring spirit. She now resides with her aging grand parents with whom she helps with many things.

When she was in high school she was hired to help care for a dog who belonged to a man in an assisted living facility. She devotedly made daily visits during the week and three visits on the weekend days for the last year and a half of high school (while taking on marching band leadership and other pet sitting as well).  

Annie comes highly recommended by numerous clients and specializes in dogs, puppies, cats and exotics.  

Annie is available for a variety of visits or overnights within the Albuquerque area.

Caroline Romero

IC Pet Sitter

Caroline (pictured with her horse from The Horse Shelter, Scooter) is a natural animal person. She has always just melded into any animal environment in an animal-whispering type of way.

Caroline has also been involved in Girl Scouts and our troops animal endeavors. She started riding her friends horses and quickly fell in love and joined the United States Pony Club, Los Alamos and Santa Fe chapters which is a very active group and she learned a lot about horse care and safety.  

When Caroline was14 years old, she adopted a former race horse from The Horse Shelter and (with the help of many generous trainers) turned him into an amazing eventing horse.

As Caroline and Scooter needed more training, which is very expensive, she began working at barns and for trainers to help off-set the costs. Caroline lived away from home and worked two full summers (dawn til dusk) as a working student, continued training, working and competing during the school years. 

In the summers of 2015 and 2016 she was the working student at Goose Downs Farm, 2017 at Sky Bound Farm and 2018 she was the working student for Loal Tucker Horsemanship where she transitioned into western riding and competition.   

Needless to say, Caroline gained a huge amount of horse care and health knowledge including first aid, training, hauling and showing. She is very independent, responsible and insightful and makes a great horse-sitter (she is happy to do over-nights).

Through her new career pursuit Caroline is becoming a licensed dog groomer.

Caroline is available for a variety of visits or overnights in the Santa Fe and Los Alamos Areas.